Idaho DMV offering title and registration for concession trailers

A silver food truck trailer.

Beginning January 1, 2024, the Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will offer titles and registrations for concession trailers. After careful consideration and consultation with lenders and industry partners, the DMV has determined that concession trailers more closely align with utility trailers and should be titled and registered. 

For all existing concession trailer owners, a title and registration will be optional yet encouraged. For concession trailers purchased after January 1, 2024, title and registration will be mandatory.  

“Concession trailers existed in a gray area that created challenges for their owners. Because they were not treated as vehicles, it was difficult to secure interest,” explained Vehicle Services Manager CJ Kendrick. “We consulted with industry stakeholders and determined offering title and registration was the best path forward.” 

There are several benefits to obtaining a title and registration. It provides a commonly recognized proof of ownership and a legal right to tow on highways. 

Owners who want to title their concession trailer should bring all ownership and/or purchase documentation to a local DMV office so they can assist with the titling process. Owners must also bring the concession trailer, as a VIN inspection is required. Title and registration costs will vary by county and length of registration term. 

Please note concession trailers are food service trailers pulled by another vehicle and are distinct from food trucks. Food trucks are powered vehicles and were already subject to title and registration requirements.