Twelve miles of US-95 south of Culdesac to be repaved this summer

Log truck at top of the grade on US-95

Twelve miles of US-95 south of Culdesac will be repaved this summer, with impacts to traffic starting Monday, May 3. Motorists should plan up to 15 minutes of extra time to navigate through the work zone.

Until work is complete this October, drivers should expect one lane to be closed during working hours. The highway will open to two lanes at night and on the weekends when crews are not working.

Work will be focused between mileposts 267 – 271 south of Craigmont, portions of US-95 between mileposts 273 – 283 north of Craigmont and at approximately milepost 289 in the canyon. Crews will begin with the section in the canyon and progress south past Craigmont.

These repairs cost $7.3 million and will be completed by Valley Paving & Asphalt of Cottonwood.

Over the last two years, the Idaho Transportation Department has improved safety in the area by widening the highway to accommodate 2.5 miles of passing lane for southbound drivers. While no expansion work will take place this year, three more phases of work to extend the passing lane another 6.5 miles are programmed for 2023, 2024 and 2026. Paving this year will address the lanes that were not improved with previous projects.