Idaho Transportation Board

Chairman's Message
The Idaho Transportation Board is a seven-member panel of citizens appointed by the Idaho Governor and confirmed by the Idaho Senate. The transportation board is vested with authority, control, supervision and administration of the Idaho Transportation Department.

One of the critical roles of the board is to select and fund statewide transportation projects. Improving and maintaining Idaho’s infrastructure is a key component of Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter’s vision to strengthen and diversify the state’s economy through his Project 60 initiative. Project 60 is a plan to grow Idaho’s gross domestic product and services to the world. Without a strong, efficient transportation system, this will not be possible. More ...

Who Makes the Decisions
The seven-member Idaho Transportation Board meets once a month to oversee the operations of the Idaho Transportation Department. The Idaho Transportation Board establishes state transportation policy and guides the planning, development and management of a transportation network that is safe, efficient and enhances Idaho's economy and quality of life. The Idaho Transportation Board normally meets six times in Boise and six times across the state annually.

Idaho Transportation Board Appointment
The governor appoints the board members, who are confirmed by the Idaho Senate. Six members represent each of ITD's administrative districts and the seventh member is selected by the governor to serve as chairman.

Six of the seven board members are appointed to six-year terms beginning February 1. Terms are staggered so that one member's term expires each year. The seventh member serves at the pleasure of the governor, acts as chair and casts a ballot only in the case of a tie vote. No more than four members may be of the same political party.

Members of the Transportation Board are paid $75 for each day they are involved in board related duties and are reimbursed for necessary expenses.

How to attend a board meeting or contact a board member
The Idaho Transportation Board meetings are open meetings and the public is invited to attend. For additional information, or to contact the Transportation Board, contact:
Sue Higgins
Secretary, Idaho Transportation Board
3311 W. State St.
P.O. Box 7129
Boise, Idaho 83707-1129
Telephone: (208) 334-8808
FAX: (208) 334-8195

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